Buyers know that no matter how thoroughly a vehicle is checked and prepared for sale, it can still go wrong. Now, more than ever, our customers expect their new purchase to come with the added protection of a warranty – and they want a Warranty they can trust.

Through the introduction of flexible car sales online, to the various review websites rating the services we all offer, car buyers are now more aware of what they are buying, and who from, and their expectations are much greater.

Our research shows that 13% of all used vehicles will require repair within 3-months of leaving the forecourt and a further 56% will require a repair within the first year.

We’re here to help protect your business against vehicle rejections and, more importantly, protect your customers against the inconvenience and costs associated with vehicle breakdowns.

Ask us about tailoring a package to suit you.

AA Roadside Assistance

In addition to supporting you with Warranty services, we are also committed to providing your customers with reliable and friendly Roadside Assistance packages. 

Our packages can be tailored to your requirements, meaning we can provide you with an essentials package, or an all-inclusive policy. Some of the items we include are:

  • Roadside Assistance
  • National Recovery
  • Home-Start
  • Onward Travel
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Battery Assistance

Ask us about tailoring a package to suit you.

Service plan

Take advantage of greater peace of mind by offering your customers a plan that includes routine maintenance too.

Our Service Plan packages are designed to help your customers ‘plan’ for the scheduled maintenance of their vehicles during their ownership. The Service Plans also help ensure that customers look after their vehicles, picking up on faults before anything catastrophic goes wrong.

Studies have shown that people are keeping vehicles anywhere between 22 to 36 months, and this means that the vast majority of vehicles are going to require servicing during the period of ownership. Our plans are simple, covering:

  • A-service/Minor (Engine oil filter, engine oil, multi-point inspection checks)
  • B-service/Major – (Various engine filters, engine oil, multi-point inspection checks)

Ask us about tailoring a package to suit you.

Additional products...

Specialist Warranty

Our Specialist Warranty is designed for high end prestige and performance vehicles which need specialist repairers, that have the equipment and are trained to diagnose and repair the complex issues that can occur with these vehicles.

We have hand picked specialist repairers nationwide and don’t use ‘fast fit’ centers or national chains.

To support the claims process, the labour rate is increased to cover up to £150 per hour across all of our Specialist Warranty products.

Caravan & Motorhome Cover

If a Motorhome is over 3-years old, it’s likely the original manufactures’ warranty will have expired, leaving your customers responsible for the cost of any repairs in the event of a breakdown.

 A comprehensive Warranty from The Motoring Organisation can protect your customer for up to 3-years and offers optional Roadside Assistance from The AA when they need it, providing peace of mind on (and off) the road.

Motorcycle Warranty

We’ll help keep you riding… with our Comprehensive Motorcycle Warranty products.

We all know it can be stressful, inconvenient and expensive when motorcycles breaks down – that’s why we’ve designed warranty to  help  if it does.

We’ll find a qualified repairer and cover the costs for parts, diagnosis and, labour. Once the cover is in place, there’s no mileage limits and an unlimited number of claims can be made, each up to the claim limit selected. We’ll even help towards costs for accommodation, rail fare and you’re covered in Mainland Europe for up to 60 days.