Peace of mind - not only for your customers,
but for you and your business too

with the UK’s leading warranty company

A win for you

Maximise sales opportunities and boost your profits
Our products offer an extended upsell opportunity which means you can increase your sales volume and aftersales product penetration.

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paid in claims in 2018

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99% claims

settled in 1 phone call

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A win for your customers

On average, 1 in 3 of your customers will need to call us to repair their vehicle. So, our warranty is great news for car buyers, and are another reason to buy from you instead of a competitor.

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Repair costs including labour, diagnostics and parts are covered

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No mileage limitations once the cover has started

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Simple and fast claims procedure

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UK Nationwide Repair Network

Helping you close the deal

Buyers know that no matter how thoroughly a vehicle is checked and prepared for sale, it can still go wrong. So, they expect it to come with the added protection of a warranty - and they want a warranty they can trust.

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